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“Let’s work together to make a good job and high quality public education the standard in tennessee.”
– Karl Dean

September 20, 2018

People across Tennessee are struggling because of the state’s failure to expand Medicaid. We know this issue is extremely important to every Tennessean and especially impacted Tennesseans from Nashville to Memphis.

The most important message for Tennesseans:

Our opponent is refusing to stand with the people of Tennessee and is against expanding Medicaid, even though 63% of Tennesseans are in favor of it.

He’s against Medicaid expansion even though it means more shutdown hospitals, thousands of lost jobs, and deaths. Already, at least eleven hospitals have closed in Tennessee and more are in danger of closing.

He’s against Medicaid expansion even though we’re already paying for it. We’ve already missed out on $4 billion from the federal government. Expanding Medicaid will bring $3.8 million per day in tax dollars back to our state, which will insure hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities, low incomes and pre-existing conditions. In addition, he even wants to limit protection for people with pre-existing conditions including cancer, diabetes and asthma.

Despite the benefits, our opponent is playing politics and refusing to expand Medicaid.

Karl Dean supports expanding Medicaid to bring our tax dollars home.

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I decided to run for Governor of Tennessee because I think we need to bring economic opportunity to every Tennessean. Tennessee is a great state that is poised to continue moving forward if we focus on the right priorities. As Governor, I want to create opportunity for all Tennesseans, regardless of where they live, and that starts with education and jobs.

Having managed a city through the Great Recession and a historic flood, I learned that problem-solving doesn’t begin with one person. I also know there is no Democratic or Republican solution to problems. It begins with all of us working together and that’s the foundation on which we’re going to build this campaign.

A good job and a great education are not rural or urban issues, they are Tennessee issues. As governor, I will not rest until a good job, thriving business, and quality education are the standard in Tennessee.

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About Karl Dean

Karl Dean's FamilyKarl Dean led the city of Nashville to unprecedented economic prosperity that it’s experiencing today. As mayor for eight years, he led the city through the Great Recession and the devastating floods in 2010, with Nashville coming out stronger as a result. Karl’s pragmatic approach to leadership focused on jobs, education and public safety.

He kept taxes low while making significant investments in public infrastructure, paving the way for new economic development in all parts of Davidson County. He made business recruitment and retention a priority. He increased funding for public schools and teacher pay, invested in after school programs and brought more public school choices to Nashville. Karl’s experience makes him the right person to bring the same opportunities to every Tennessean.

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